Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Imagine picking up your guitar and playing anything you want with perfect feel, tone
and accuracy.

Think of how great you’ll feel and the personal satisfaction you will have.

Think of those intense chills running up and down your spine with every mesmerizing
note you play.

Pretty cool, huh?

That’s what it’s like when you’ve unleashed the master guitarist within.

But you may be thinking:

“That would be awesome, but is it really possible when you've got so little time to
learn and play guitar?

Well, let me ask you this:

"What’s the main thing that limits how fast and well you learn to play guitar?"

Do you think it’s how much you practice?

Well, that's what most guitarists think.

But consider this...

Isn't how you use your practice time more important?  After all, you could spend hours
and hours practicing, but if you're not doing the right stuff the proper way, aren't you
just wasting your time?

What 9 Out of 10 Guitar Players Don't Know
Did you know that 9 out of 10 guitarists don't know how to practice for maximum

That's right.

Most guitar players don't know how to make fast and continuous improvement in their
playing.  This means that most players have to settle for slow, or no progress at all.

One of the first questions I always ask new guitar students is: “How do you use your
practice time and what do you practice?” 

The answers I get are usually very similar and very telling.

The good news is for most guitar players, a few simple tweaks are all it takes to make
massive improvements in record time.   One or two practice sessions is usually all
that’s needed to start to hear and feel big improvements.  I’ve personally seen this
happen with students time, and time again.

Once you begin to practice the right things, the proper way, it’s like you’ve taken the
parking brake off your guitar playing---you make it very easy to improve.

The Key to Learning Guitar Fast
Whether you've got 20, 30, or even 60 minutes for playing guitar, it’s crucial to learn
how to optimize your playing time so you get maximum results and maximum fun.
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“How to Quickly and Easily
Improve Your Guitar Playing
With a Few Simple Guitar
Practice Tweaks”

Introducing the Ultimate Guitar EDGE Accelerated Learning Program...

The Revolutionary New Way to Learn and Improve Your Guitar Playing

In the Ultimate Guitar EDGE, you get everything you need to learn guitar fast. You will improve your guitar playing quickly and learn
how to learn guitar.

If you’ve been playing for a while, this comprehensive program will quickly take your guitar playing to the next level.

Which Will You Choose?

So what do you want to improve first? 

Do you want to improve your overall playing?

Do you want to learn the basics and start playing your favourite songs?

Or is there a specific part of your guitar playing you want to improve?

With the Ultimate Guitar EDGE you're in the driver’s seat.  You get to decide what to work on first. And you decide how fast to go.

So you can grab the entire Ultimate Guitar EDGE bundle and save a bundle today, or you can start with the courses you want to focus
The EDGE For Beginners
If you are just getting started from scratch, then you'll want to get started with The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons
Volumes 1 and 2.

The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volumes 1 and 2

You’ll learn everything you need to go from absolute beginner to intermediate guitarist---fast. And you’ll have tons of fun along the

The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volumes 1 & 2 take all the guesswork out of learning to play guitar.
You get 22 complete guitar lessons that are organized into easy to learn bite-sized chunks.

You'll start with the basics and learn:

Tablature, or tab as it is also known, is a REALLY EASY WAY TO LEARN GUITAR MUSIC.
In tablature each line represents a string.  A number on a string indicates the fret you place your finger on.  It’s as simple as that. 

This means you’ll easily translate the notes from a song onto the neck of your guitar without having to read music!

Next you'll move on to the really cool stuff: how to play songs!

You Don't Just Read This Book-You Play it

Hear it, then play it audio tracks are included!

It's Like Following Paint-by-Numbers for Guitar

Each lesson breaks everything down step-by-step and gives you a suggested time to spend on each area. 

No guesswork is involved-ALL YOU DO IS PLAY. 

In The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volumes 1 & 2 you won’t find songs like Mary Had a Little Lamb; Twinkle, Twinkle Little
Star, or Polly Wolly Doodle.

Here you will learn to play some great and fun songs...

There is however one song that you probably won’t brag to friends about: ”Sailor’s Hornpipe”.  The reason it’s included here is because
it’s a good technique building song-you just don’t have to play it for anyone other than yourself.  You’ll enjoy playing all of the other
songs and probably start to secretly like “Sailor’s Hornpipe” once you can play it at a moderate to fast tempo.

Complete Songs

All songs are of easy to moderate difficulty, and are short and complete.  I mention this because some of the other beginner books and
courses give you tiny sections of songs.  You just get a couple of measures and then it’s on to the next example. 
Here you get complete arrangements to songs, or in the case of a longer piece you will find a good complete abridgement.  The songs
included here have been selected because they are FUN TO PLAY, will improve your technique, and allow you to apply concepts
covered in the lessons.

And the really great thing is you will quickly discover how to learn your favourite songs.

You’ll also learn the most important guitar techniques:

Just in case you want to learn to read music, I’ve also included optional tutorials that show you how to read music quickly and easily.

Here's what beginning guitar players are saying about the previous edition of this course:
How to hold the guitar
How to hold a pick
How to play the most popular chords and scales
How to tune your guitar
How to read tablature
How to play songs!
89 mp3 audio tracks are included!
Alternate Picking
Finger Picking
Reading Music is NOT REQUIRED!
Everything you need to start playing guitar today!
Throughout The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons you’ll find numerous accelerated learning techniques and tips.  These will really
give you the EDGE and get you learning and playing guitar fast!

The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volumes 1 & 2 give you everything you need to start playing today.

"Are you ready to discover the SIMPLE FORMULA FOR YOUR GUITAR
Now you can accomplish in 20-30 minutes what other guitar players take 1, 2 or more hours to achieve!

Are you ready to start playing guitar today?

Great!  Then let’s get started now with The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volumes 1 & 2 …

“The Pain-Free Way to Finally Unlock the Fretboard”

The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note on Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a Day

“Can You Really Learn the Notes in Just 2 Minutes a Day?”

Now you're probably thinking: "How can anyone learn the notes on the guitar in just 2 minutes?"

Well, first let me clarify.  You won't learn the entire fretboard in just 2 minutes in a single day.  That's just not possible for us mere

With this course, you’ll simply perform 2 easy exercises, for 2 minutes, each playing session.  After 5 weeks, you'll know the fretboard

If you want to spend more than 2 minutes on these techniques, you'll learn the fretboard even faster.  Some guitarists prefer to spend
5-10 minutes and learn the fretboard in 2 weeks or less.

Now Here's the Great Thing…

Since you're only spending 2 minutes learning the fretboard, it frees up the rest of your time to do whatever you want.

I'm sure you are starting to see how this is truly the pain-free way to learn the fretboard.

Now here's a closer look at what you'll learn in this easy-to-use course:
All about the musical alphabet
Now natural notes really work
How to read fretboard diagrams and grids
A simple trick for remembering the names of the open strings
Two tips that let you to know the notes on any string
What the “Say and Play Technique” is and why you'll want to use it
The RNID Technique for learning the fretboard.  It's simple, yet very powerful!
The magic number 12: What it means to learning the fretboard
Fretboard Power Learning Technique #1
Fretboard Power Learning Technique #2
Fretboard Power Learning Technique #3
One simple thing you can do every day that will guarantee you make dramatic improvements in
your's not what you think!
How to make sense of sharps and flats
What enharmonic equivalents are and why you must know them
How to determine sharps, or flats by simple addition or subtraction

The BIG Problem

Over several practice sessions, this often leads to a big problem I frequently find among guitarists---one or two fingers are much
weaker than the rest. 

This means songs that use your weak fingers will take way more time to learn and will be much harder to play than they should be.

But What About the Other Thing Guitarists Do?

The other way that guitarists start a practice session, is by doing some sort of a “warm-up”.  What’s considered to be a warm-up
varies widely from player to player.   Unfortunately, most guitarists do not warm-up correctly.  They usually miss crucial things, or do
things in the wrong order.  This means they are not warming up effectively and ultimately end up wasting much of their valuable
practice time.

Everyone Knows What a Warm-up is Supposed to Do, or Do They?

A warm-up gets your body and mind ready to perform at an optimal level and prevent injury.
Think for a moment about what is required when you play the guitar…

Think of all of the fine motor skills that are required…

There are 34 muscles that move the fingers and thumb-17 in the palm and 18 in the forearm.  And that’s not counting the muscles in
your upper arm, shoulders, back and neck!

A Recipe for Disaster?

You would never think about going to the gym, grabbing the heaviest weight you could ever lift, and lifting with no warm-up, would
you?  No way!

You know that’s a recipe for disaster.  When you don’t warm-up in the gym you run the risk of injury. 

It’s the same on guitar.  When you don’t warm-up properly on guitar, you also run the risk of injury.

The Mind…A Terrible Thing to Waste Especially for Guitar

The other neglected part of the warm-up is the mind.

When you pick up your guitar to play, are you always instantly absorbed with 100% concentration?  Or, does it take a bit of playing to
get your mind away from work or school?

And what about those days when you just can’t seem to get your mind on your playing?

When your mind is distracted and thinking of other things, do you really think you are in the best state for learning and improving your

A proper warm-up will get your mind focused on guitar as quickly as possible, so you’ll learn faster. 

And don’t worry, if your main guitar goal is to simply unwind and relax after a hard day, a proper warm-up will relax you even faster! 

When you warm-up properly, you’ll:
Have better mental concentration and clarity.
Get into a relaxed state ready to learn and have massive fun.
Get more done every practice session.  This means better results from every
practice session.
Make fewer mistakes.
Learn songs quick.
Learn everything else on guitar faster.
Improve your overall playing.
Improve your technique.
Decrease the risk of injury.
The good news is I will show you how to create the most effective and powerful warm-up for you.  That’s what The EDGE: Power
Warm-ups is all about: it’s about creating your own personal Power Warm-ups.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create your own super-effective Power Warm-ups.

You’ll learn how to maximize the results you get from your warm-up.

You’ll discover how to transform a regular warm-up into a Power Warm-up.

You’ll learn the 8 Guitar Practice Maximizers.  These are simple tweaks that will instantly improve your results.  That’s right,
you will notice better results from the very first practice session you use the Guitar Practice Maximizers.

You’ll also learn the 2 essential things you absolutely need for a Power Warm-up.
The New Daily Dozen for Today’s Guitarist
You’ll learn the New Daily Dozen.  You may have heard of the Daily Dozen before.  For us however, our Daily Dozen is totally different
than those found in the dusty old violin and piano methods---we are just borrowing the name.  For us, these are 12 very specific
guitar exercises designed to get you warmed-up fast. In fact, I never start a practice session without them!

Warm-up Songs…What the…?
Now hang on a minute…didn’t you just read earlier that songs are not designed to warm-up your hands?

Yes, that is 100% correct. 

Songs usually do not give all fingers a balanced warm-up.  What you will find in this course are 15 specifically selected songs that
will give you a good warm-up.  It actually took me 17 months to find the right balance of songs!

Could this Be Magic?

The trick is that these potent warm-up songs must be used in specific combinations to warm up your hands properly. 
In this course, you will learn exactly how this works. And don’t worry, it is super simple.

These special songs will complete the warm-up process for you.  After that, you’ll be totally charged up and ready for maximum results
from the rest of your playing session!
Ultimately, when you warm-up properly, you’ll save more time than it takes, because you’ll be primed to fly through the rest of your
practice session with ease.

By now I’m sure you’ll be starting to see why the warm-up is the most important part of your practice sessions.  It really sets you up
for the rest of your playing session.

Some Good News
Now you can learn the proper way to warm-up. In fact, you can kick it up several notches and transform a regular warm-up into a
Power Warm-up.

Your Personal Power Warm-up Prescription
Just as there is no single warm-up that will work for every athlete in every sport, there is no such thing as the one perfect warm-up
for every single guitarist. 
29 mp3 audio tracks included
Reading Music is NOT REQUIRED!
No music theory required
Power Warm-ups are Flexible and Very Time Efficient
The goal of the Power Warm-up is to get you warmed-up as fast as possible.  If you spend more time warming-up than you
need, you are actually wasting time.  In The EDGE: Power Warm-ups, you will learn what to look for and how to tell when you are
properly warmed-up.

A Power Warm-up will give you the EDGE over most guitar players.  With Power Warm-ups, you’ll be ready both physically and mentally
to get the most out of your guitar playing sessions---maximum results in minimum time, with maximum fun!

So why not give The EDGE: Power-Warm-ups a try?  When you do, you’ll see for yourself what it’s like to learn songs faster, have
better concentration when you play, get more done every practice session, make less mistakes, decrease the risk of injury, improve
your technique, and play better guitar! Pretty good for a tiny investment of time, isn't it?

Get started with The EDGE: Power Warm-ups now.  Click the add to cart button now.
When I first started to play guitar, I did some stuff right and I also took many missteps along the way.

Through tons of trial and error, I was able to discover what works best for improving guitar technique, and most importantly for you,
what works best for my students.
That’s where The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer comes in.  The focus of this course is on improving your guitar technique as
quickly as possible. 

Before and After

Here is the really good news…

When you use the potent technique exercises found in this course, you will improve your guitar technique.  If you don’t use them,
you won’t improve your playing.  It’s that simple. 

I’ve seen these powerful exercises work time and time again with guitarists of all levels. 

If you follow this course, you will hear big improvements in your playing. 

You will also feel a difference in your hands.  
In fact, you probably won’t believe how much your playing will improve. To prove it, I recommend you record yourself playing the most
challenging songs you know before starting this course.  Then, after 30 days of using The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer, record
yourself playing the same songs and then compare your performances. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by your progress.
Your fingers will feel faster, stronger and more agile
You will have greater dexterity and accuracy

What’s Covered

The techniques covered in this course are the most important guitar techniques.  When you focus on these CORE Guitar Techniques,
you will make fast improvements in your overall playing.  Why? Because these techniques are used in most songs.

When 1 + 1 Doesn’t Equal 2

You see, if you devote some time to improving your alternate picking, your playing will actually improve simultaneously in many other
areas.  When you improve your alternate picking, it means you’ll find it easier to play riffs and guitar solos that use alternate picking. 

This means you’ll find it easier to play songs you already know and you’ll also learn new songs faster because you won’t get bogged
down on alternate picking passages. 

The same will be true when you start on the other CORE Guitar Techniques.

Can You See How Powerful This is?

This means whatever time you put into improving your technique, you’ll gain back, and then some.  Depending on the technique and
how much you’ve improved, it could mean that you now learn new songs in a quarter of the time.  Or maybe even half the time!

Learn Songs Faster

Here is the bottom line…

As you improve your playing in these CORE Guitar Techniques:
You'll learn songs faster
You'll play songs you already know way better
Your overall playing will become much, much better
So what are the CORE Guitar Techniques?

Specifically, we will look at:
Alternate Picking
Sweep Picking
String Skipping
In The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer, you’ll find the most effective technique exercises I’ve found and tested to date.

There are lots of powerful exercises covered in this course.  In fact, there are 108 in total. 

There are…
49 alternate picking exercises
34 Hammer-on and pull-off exercises
7 Stretching exercises
18 String skipping exercises
With Just a Few Simple Tweaks in How You Practice...You Too Can Cut Your
Learning Curve in Half
When you know how to practice for optimal results, you'll accomplish in 30 minutes what it takes most guitarists an hour or more!  In
other words, you’ll cut your learning curve at least in half.

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
I have taught music for 25 years, earned my degree in music, authored more than 60 books, played with too many bands to
remember, and taught numerous master classes and workshops.

I have always been fascinated by how we learn music, so I also completed a degree in psychology and did some graduate studies in
neuroscience as well.  With all of this intensive studying and practicing, I have discovered some little known secrets that will
save you massive amounts of time and give you results you never thought possible. 

In other words, I've spent most of my life performing music, studying music and learning the best ways to teach it. I've got students
in more than 50 countries worldwide that are using my courses to advance their playing.

What Guitar Players are Saying About Don J MacLean's Books and Courses...

“Do I Need to Play Every Exercise in This Course to Improve My Technique?”

NO!  You do not have to play all of these exercises.  Depending on your current skill and your guitar goals, you may only need a

That’s the great thing with how this course is set up.

It’s designed to suit your personal guitar needs.   If a handful of exercises is all you need, then boom, you’re done.  If you need more,
then they are ready when you are.

I’ve also included lots of exercises in this course to give you plenty of variety. 

As your playing improves, the exercises you found really challenging will become easy, so you will be ready for new challenges.  You
will find lots of new challenges here.

How Fast Will Your Guitar Playing Improve?

Most guitarists will only need to work on a few of these exercises to hear noticeable improvements in their playing.  With these
exercises, most students feel and hear differences in their playing the very first day.  If you are a more advanced player, it will usually
take a few practice sessions.

The Second Path to Great Guitar Technique…

In addition to working on the right exercises, a great way to improve your guitar technique is take certain music---originally composed
for another instrument---and play it on guitar. 

So in addition to the very powerful technique exercises found in this course, I’ve also included…

15 Killer Technique Building Songs

What I’ve done is selected and arranged 15 pieces that present specific technical challenges for the guitar.  These pieces will help you
to further improve your playing. 
These 15 Killer Technique Building Songs sound great and
are tons of fun to play!
Reading music is not required. Everything is shown in tab
(tablature) and standard notation.
72 mp3 audio tracks included.
All songs are included and most of the exercises are too.  I didn’t record all 108 of the technique exercises, simply because you won’t
need the audio for a select group of them---you’ll see why in the course.

At Last! No More Confusion: A Simple Way to Understand Guitar Fingerings

Determining the best fingerings for a song can often be very tricky.  In fact, it’s a big area of confusion for most guitar players.

So, before we look at any of 15 Killer Technique Building Songs, we cover how fret-hand positioning really works.  With this fingering
know-how, you’ll find it a snap to play through songs.

Playing guitar is tons of fun, but playing guitar really well, is even better!

So why not dramatically improve your guitar playing in less time than you ever thought possible? 

So why not get started now with The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer and transform your guitar playing in less time than you
ever thought possible?  Simple click on the add to cart button to start transforming your guitar playing right now.

The EDGE: 7 Guitar Performance Boosters

Most guitarists have to settle for slow, or no progress on guitar.

This is usually regardless of how long they practice.

It takes most guitarists months, or even years, to achieve what they could get in half
the time.

This usually leads to frustration, and sadly, sometimes even quitting guitar.

It’s a shame, because there’s actually a simple fix.

How to Turbo-Charge Your Guitar Results

You see, there are certain things you can do that will turbo-charge your results on
guitar.  For some guitarists, this means adding in some new things, for others it means
making some tiny changes. 
The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters - Powerful Ways to Play Better Guitar
The really good news is these little “tweaks” are super easy to do and won’t
require adding any additional time to your playing sessions.  It’s all about
getting better results from of your existing playing time. 

And no, this doesn’t mean you have to get super strict on how you practice. 
These techniques are very flexible and will ensure you to have lots of fun
playing guitar---that’s what it’s all about anyway, isn’t it?

Don’t Break this Law

When you play guitar, there is a very important law that you must know.  If you ignore it, you’ll end up wasting time and possibly start
to play worse!  Yes, this sounds strange, but once you understand it, you’ll know why.

The Truth About Creating New Practice Habits

You’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, but did you know that it was never scientifically proven?  

The first real scientific study that looked at this was done in 2009.  And guess what?  21 days is wrong!

You’ll learn how long it really takes to establish new playing habits and learn 5 tips to help make new habits stick. 

The One Big Mistake that’s Probably Slamming on the Breaks to Your


Did you know that you could be doing everything else right, but if you make this one mistake, you’re actually slamming on the brakes
to your guitar progress?

It’s a very common mistake I see guitarists of all levels make. The good news is once you know what it is, it’s easy to fix.

We will also look at a simple way to guarantee great results from every practice session.

Darth Insidious?

Did you know there’s an insidious time thief that causes slow results in 99% of practice sessions?  We will uncover this time thief and
show you how to stop it dead in its tracks.

How to Take Your Playing Even Further

You’ll learn a technique that will get you practicing smarter, not harder.
You’ll learn what the number 1 time waster is when you practice and an easy way around it.
You’ll discover a very simple technique that compresses time so you will improve your playing faster.
You’ll learn one of the quickest ways to make big improvements in your playing.  This technique is gold!  It will save you an enormous amount of time and get you playing better in at least half the time.

The Most Powerful Way to Improve Your Guitar Playing

You’ll learn what I’ve found to be the single fastest way to improve guitar playing.  This is hands-down the most powerful way to
improve your guitar playing. What’s also cool about this technique is it’s super flexible.  So it can be used on any aspect of your
playing, no matter how large or small.

You’ll learn a very simple and easy thing you can do that will reduce the risk of injury when you play and also increase your learning. 

How to Improve Your Playing Without Your Guitar

You’ll discover a technique that the world’s best musicians have been using to improve their playing for hundreds of years. 

A Great Way to Sneak in Extra Practice Time

What’s really cool and powerful about this technique is you don’t need your guitar to do it.  You can use this powerful technique to
improve your playing when you’re at work, school, or anytime you can steal a few free minutes.

In other words, this is a fantastic way to sneak in extra practice time!

The world’s elite musicians often use this technique for half or even more of their practice time.  Only recently has there been
scientific research that confirms just how effective this really is.

You’ll learn all about this important technique and the best ways to use it.

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle?

You’ll discover what is usually missing from most guitar players playing sessions and why you’ll never want to miss out on this powerful
way to improve your playing.

You’ll also learn the simple technique that is absolutely essential for remembering anything on guitar.

And those are just some of the things you’ll get in The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters. 

So if you’re ready to take your playing to the next level, faster than you ever thought possible, then you’ll want to get started right

Get started now with The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters.  Simply click on the add to cart button below to get started now.
"Whether you have little or absolutely no experience in
music theory, I can show you the PROVEN way to quickly
and easily MASTER the guitar theory you MUST KNOW."

Music theory is simply a way of classifying the techniques that have been used by musicians
for hundreds of years.

You Don’t Have to Do it On Your Own, You Can Learn

from the Masters

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get as you increase your understanding of music
Save countless hours of wasted practice time
Learn songs faster
Unlock the secrets of the fretboard
Learn chords and scales faster
Write your own great songs
Create those killer guitar solos you've always dreamed of
Easily learn songs by ear

With All of These Amazing Benefits, Why Doesn't Every Guitarist Learn

Music Theory?

Up until now, learning music theory could be very time consuming, boring, confusing and difficult.  Some books present music theory in
an intimidating way and show you absolutely no application to the guitar.

It's no wonder that so many guitarists have tried to learn music theory only to quit out of sheer frustration.

There are lots of music theory books on the market today, but very few are written for the guitarist.  Those that are, either have far
too little information to be of any real use for guitarists, or they get really bogged down on the nitty-gritty details.

At Last! A Music Theory Book Written by a Guitarist for the Guitarist.

This is why I wrote the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar.  My goal was to create a book that would:
Dramatically simplify the process of learning music theory
Make it extremely practical for YOU the guitarist
The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar is the distillation of what I have taught guitar students just like you.

I got sick and tired of having to recommend that my students buy this textbook and that one, and that other one, and still have to
give them a stack of handouts to show how to apply the concepts to the guitar.  I wanted to have one source that would give my
students all the beginner and intermediate theory they absolutely needed to know.

Some Great News

Now you can quickly and easily learn the practical music theory you need to know as a guitarist.  Music theory is only as good as its
application.  In other words, you can learn all kinds theoretical concepts but if you have no idea of how you can use them, you are
just wasting your valuable time.  You must apply each and every theoretical concept to the guitar. 

The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar will give you a PROVEN SYSTEM of step-by-step instructions that show you exactly
how to learn the absolutely critical music theory that every guitarist must know. 

This book will also show you how to immediately apply everything to the neck of the guitar.  That's right!  There is no waiting for 6
months or a year before you see how to use the theory-you'll see immediate application.  Once you see the first application of the
concept, you will start to see more and more ways to apply the theory as you play.  Another great benefit is that this will make it
much, much easier to memorize theory.
The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar is 8.5 X 11 (ISBN 1-896595-32-4) and contains 108 pages of critical need to know
information-with absolutely no filler information.

You'll find basic and intermediate level music theory all in one place. 

The book is clear, easy-to-understand and will answer hundreds of your questions. 

The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar will change how you see music theory. Examples are shown in tablature, neck
diagrams and standard notation.

You'll discover how easy it is to understand:
Reading music
The fretboard
Harmonized scales
Master Guitar Theory - Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar
Don, Your book is simply the best I have ever purchased for learning
music theory. Trust me, I have purchased enough books and have been
so disappointed and failed miserably in my attempt to learn the guitar.

Your lessons can't be measured in dollars but with gratitude and
appreciation for your kindness to help others with practical applications. I
can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am that you would share with
others your knowledge, lessons and in a way that is not overwhelming
but within grasp and a sense of reaching our goals of becoming a well
taught guitarist.

Thanks so much.

William Baldock
Knoxville, TN

Excellent book it shows everything u need to know to master the
instrument AAAAA

easmnuber1, NJ, USA

This is a great book! Makes learning music theory for guitar easy!
Recommend A+++

thomas1203  NJ, USA
Learn the basics of music theory at your own pace.
Every theoretical concept is applied to the guitar.
Each chapter ends with a short quiz to test your new knowledge. 
Answer key is included!
You don't just read this book you play it!
The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar is loaded with examples and lots of diagrams to make it easy to apply everything to
the neck of the guitar.
The theory shown in this book is very powerful. Countless songs have been written using these basics.

What you do for your guitar playing today will determine how great you'll be tomorrow.  When you know how music really works, you’ll
learn everything on guitar so much faster.  You owe it to yourself to turbo-charge your playing with your mastery of music theory.

So let’s get started now…

Grab your copy of the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar by simply cicking on the add to cart button now.
You’ll discover the critical step to achieving your guitar goals fast.  Miss this step and
you’ll take way too long to do what you want on guitar.
You’ll learn how practicing less can actually give you better results. I know this sounds
crazy, but once you see how it works, you’ll improve your playing faster and need less
practice time.
You’ll answer the Big 4 Questions that set you up for success on guitar.

"How to Learn, Apply and Absolutely Understand

Guitar Scales Super-Fast"

Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition

Think about this for a minute...

Every guitar riff or lick you play is simply one scale, or a combination of scales.
Every guitar solo you play consists of scales.
Every chord you play is built from scales. 

Scales are the foundation of music.

Chords are built from scales.

Melodies are built from scales.

Guitar solos and riffs are built from scales.

When you master the crucial guitar scales you’ll:
Learn songs faster
Improve your technique
Learn songs by just watching other guitarists
Learn songs by ear. You’ll recognize the sound of each scale and know when
it’s used in a song.
Create killer guitar solos of your own
Learn your favourite guitar solos fast!

Eyes Wide Open

Let's look a little closer at the last point shown above: "learn your favourite guitar solos fast".  Here is a real eye-opening exercise
that you can do when you get your hands on Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition.

Grab a guitar magazine that has a guitar solo you want to learn.  Most guitar magazines have performance notes that mention the
scales used in the guitar solos.  Before you play the first note of the guitar solo, play the appropriate scale fingerings from Guitar
Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition.

No More Confusion

Now you’re ready to start on the guitar solo.  As you play through the guitar solo you’ll notice something very cool…

The very same scale fingerings that are found in Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition are used in the solo.  If identical
fingerings aren’t used, you’ll find that slight variations are.

This means the guitar solo won’t be a confusing mass of notes anymore. Since you know the scale fingerings used in the guitar
solo, you already know all of the required notes.  You just need to learn the order that the notes occur.   Can you see how powerful
this is?
Cut the Time it Takes You to Learn Guitar Solos at Least in Half
When all you have to do is learn the sequence of the notes in the guitar solo, you’ve just cut your learning time at least in half.  All
that’s left is the performance aspects (technique) of the guitar solo. Guitar Essentials: Scale Master also helps you with this aspect of
your playing.  You'll learn how to effectively practice scales and improve your technique.

Get Your Pilot’s License
When you watch your favourite guitarists fly all over the fretboard, you’re witnessing the power of scales.  All they’re doing is playing
scales and connecting one scale fingering to another as they travel the fretboard.  It’s actually not that hard to do.  You just need
some basic technique and an understanding of how one scale fingering links to another.

At Last! A Quick and Simple Way to Learn and Understand Scales
Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition shows you step-by-step how to quickly learn the scales you need to know.

You’ll learn:
How to Learn Guitar Scales Fast - Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition
The most important guitar scales and their fingerings.
How to quickly and easily take scale fingerings and apply them to
any key.
The secrets of how to really learn scales.
How to practice scales for maximum results.
The basic theory behind scales.
"Another great book! Gives tips and tricks to make
you a better guitar player! A+++"
Tom Flitcraft. NJ, USA

Great lessons, thanks

eBayer docunc77
SC, United States

Get Great Results

Nothing is left to chance.  In Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition you’ll discover the exact order that you should learn the
scales.  In other words, you’ll learn which scale to learn first, second, and third, etc.

Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition works from the ground up.  You’ll start with: 
Most scale books are hard to read visually, but that’s not a problem with Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition---there’s no
straining to see the notes. Each scale diagram is 1 3/4  X 1 3/8 inches.

The Secrets of Guitar Scale Power-Learning
In chapter 2 you’ll discover 9 powerful secrets to learn any scale super-fast. 

The Missing Link
In Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition you won’t find the same scale fingerings shown on multiple pages in every single
key.  What you get is one set of “master fingerings” for each scale type.  You then learn how to move these fingerings to any key.

You’ll learn how scale forms link together.

A Quick and Easy Way to Shorten Your Learning Curve
Moveable scale forms are incredibly powerful and will save you massive amounts of time.  Chapter 4 covers everything you need to
know about moveable scale fingerings.  You’ll find lots of examples so you can immediately apply moveable scales.

Here are the moveable scale fingerings you’ll learn:
A quick overview of pick technique and fret-hand position. 
How to read tab, neck diagrams and grids.
The essentials of proper fret-hand positioning to play scales easily. 
How to read scale diagrams.
How to effectively mute strings.
READING MUSIC IS NOT REQUIRED.  Everything is shown in tab and in big easy-to-read fretboard
Major Scale
Minor Scale
Harmonic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Scale
Jazz Minor Scale
Major Pentatonic Scale
Minor Pentatonic Scale
Blues Scale
Composite Blues Scale
Half-whole Diminished
Whole-half Diminished

How to Practice Scales

Just practicing scales forwards and backwards can get pretty boring.  In Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition you’ll learn 6
potent ways to practice scales.  Play these patterns and you’ll almost instantly recognize their sound.  In fact, you’ll probably be
able to recognize quite a few guitar solos that use them!

How Scales are Built

The final chapter of Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition gives you a crash course on scale theory.  You’ll learn how the
most common scales are built.    Simple formulas are shown so you can quickly build the most common scales.

Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition is 8.5 X 11 and contains 75 jam-packed pages-just what you absolutely need to
know.  You’ll find clearly explained, step-by-step instructions so you can master scales now.
All scales are shown in BIG EASY-TO-READ DIAGRAMS. 
Guitar Essentials: Scale Master Expanded Edition takes all the guesswork out of guitar scales.  Here you’ll find the proven approach
that shows you exactly how to learn and master the most important scales super-fast.

So why not master guitar scales now? Click on the add to cart button now and become a scale master!

You’ve probably seen those massive chord books that show you thousands of chords. 

Have you ever tried to work your way through one of those books? 

They are usually easy enough to navigate, when looking for a specific chord, but how long do
you remember the chord after you’ve finished looking it up?

Trying to work your way through a typical guitar chord book is kind of like trying to learn a
foreign language by memorizing an entire dictionary! In fact, some of these chord books
actually call themselves chord dictionaries.  Do you really want to try to memorize a

Chord dictionaries do have their place as reference books for looking up chords, but they are
not a practical choice if your goal is learn and remember the guitar chords you need.

What if you could find a book that would show you the ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL GUITAR
CHORDS, and also show you a proven way to actually learn these chords?
You'll learn the "master fingerings" for all major, minor, diminished,
augmented, sus and power chords.
You'll also learn how to play the most important 7th, 9th, 11th and
13th chords.
You’ll discover how chords are built.  This will TOTALLY DEMYSTIFY CHORDS

You’ll learn:
The basics of chord symbolization
Slash chords and inversions
How to apply chord formulas onto the fretboard

Reading Music is Not Required!

Everything is shown in big easy-to-read chord diagrams and tab

No prior knowledge of music theory is needed.

Here's What Others are Saying About Guitar Essentials: Chord Master

Expanded Edition

Excellent! Finally a simple way to learn guitar chords and master
the fret board
eBayer  nerdominc
NY, United States

Good book easy to follow, I just need to practice more!!! Thanks A++
eBayer streamxtreme
ON, Canada

Knowledge is Power

Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition covers the important basic, intermediate and advanced guitar chords.
How to read chord diagrams
How to mute strings when playing chords
How to strum chords
You’ll discover 7 powerful ways to learn chords.  As you apply these techniques you’ll be blown-away by how fast you
learn chords.

Guitar Essentials: Chord Master also gives you a primer on chord theory.  You’ll learn how to build any chord on the neck
of the guitar.  Once you understand how chords are built, you’ll find it even easier to learn chords.
"Another great book! Gives tips and tricks to make you a
better guitar player! A+++"
Tom Flitcraft. NJ, USA

Excellent! Thank you!
eBayer as-yzz
UT, United States

Great book. Thanks!
eBayer bay_bc
VA, United States

Item exactly as stated. Thanks.
eBayer sawilcox99
TX, United States

Fast and accurate. Thanks.
eBayer jackhammerhead
AB, Canada

Very nice goods..thanks
eBayer darfa132
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All your products are great! AAAAAAA+++++++++++++
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Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition is 8.5 X 11 and contains 53 jam-packed pages.  You’ll find clearly explained, step-
by-step instructions so you can master guitar chords now.  All chords are shown in BIG EASY-TO-READ DIAGRAMS.

There is a great Confucian saying:

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”

Apply the concepts of this book to the guitar and you’ll not only remember the chords you need---you’ll also master them.

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button to master guitar chords today, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition - guitar chords fast and easy
At Last! You Can Discover How to Learn Chords
Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition will show you a proven system to learn guitar chords super-fast.

You’ll find tips and shortcuts that will make learning and understanding guitar chords super-easy.  Guaranteed!

No Unnecessary Chords Means You Will Learn Chords 12 Times Faster
In Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition, you’ll learn the “master” fingerings for each chord and learn how you can easily
move these chords to any fret to produce any chord you want.

My Iron-Clad Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Get your copy of The Ultimate Guitar EDGE today, or any of the individual modules,
and try it out for 90 days.  If it doesn't dramatically improve your playing and
knowledge of the guitar, or if you decide for whatever reason, that this course is not
right for you, simply return the books in as bought condition for a prompt and
courteous refund. 
I've used these techniques with practically every student I've ever taught.  So, I can confidently say that it will work for you by
following a few simple steps.

Isn't it time to finally master the notes on guitar?

You’ll probably laugh when you see first-hand just how simple it is to learn the fretboard.

Don't fear the fretboard. You can


master it instead!

Let’s get started now!  Simply click on the "add to cart" button now and get started on The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note on
Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a Day.
To start improving your playing in the next 5 minutes, simply click the ADD to CART buttons to grab the EDGE courses now, or grab
the entire The Ultimate Guitar EDGE now.  Then the only question left is who will you impress first with your new guitar playing
Don J. MacLean

Don J. MacLean is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar---with students using his methods
in more than 50 countries worldwide. Don is the author of over 60 books including The Ultimate Guitar EDGE; The World of Scales; the
Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar; How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School: Confessions of a High
School Shredder; 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast; 7 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Chord Super-Fast; and Guitar
Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition.

P.S. Haven’t you waited long enough to improve your guitar playing? At last, you can experience the thrill of playing anything you
want on guitar---even when you are short on guitar time.  Get your guitar EDGE now.

P.P.S. Every course in this program comes backed with my 90-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  So get started now and
transform your guitar playing faster than you ever thought possible. 
To your guitar success,
The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note on the
Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a Day
Want to be able to instantly name any note on the guitar?

When you know the notes on the fretboard, you'll start seeing things you've
never seen before.

All sorts of relationships and patterns will start popping out and appear
almost like magic.    

You'll see scale patterns, and chords you never knew existed.    

Creating your own guitar solos is a piece of cake, when you know the fretboard

Coming up with great-sounding chord riffs, is so much easier too.

And if that’s not enough, you'll learn songs faster too!

Download Info

The files are in PDF format, so you can view it on your computer screen, or print
off a hard copy for yourself.  You can also read them on a smart phone like the
iPhone.  The PDF files can also be read on tablets like the iPad.  The audio tracks
are in MP3 format so you can listen to them on your computer, iPod, or other MP3
Once your payment is received, your download link will be sent to the email
address you provided during payment.

Works on PCs or Macs.

You will need two pieces of software on your computer to open the ebook and
bonuses. You'll need an extraction program such as WinZip to extract the
download file. Most computers come with this program pre-installed.  If you don't
have it, you can get a free trial version at:

You'll also need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this e-book. You can
download it at:
If you should experience any difficulties with the download just send an email to:
I have learned more about the guitar in the last two months of studying
your book, than I have in the last ten years

Mr MacLean;
I cannot begin to tell you how very pleased I am with you and your products.  I
have been tinkering with the guitar for years but never found a teaching system
that was arranged logically enough to keep my attention, until I found your web
site; I have learned more about the guitar in the last two months of studying your
book, than I have in the last ten years of informal instruction from countless
"instructors", I am now well on my way to accomplishing my goal of becoming a
serious guitarist. 

Your instructional books are the best that I have found.
I'm sure you will be hearing more from me in the future.
Thanks from a devoted customer for life!

Steve Hayes
United States

I improved almost instantly -No Joke! I love the MP3 Recordings
eBayer knosy97
AZ, United States

As a teacher myself, your books - along with your excellent illustrations
throughout - will help me make my lessons less confusing and much more helpful
to my students. If ONLY I had your book when I first picked up a guitar so
many years ago… Superlative book.

Brett Gordon
Nashua, NH, USA

Superb guitar book, this guy will teach you all you need.
eBayer  youvegotanotherthingcomin
United Kingdom

I have played 21 yrs, Don's products are the real deal!
eBayer jeepx03
IN, United States

Don, Your book is simply the best I have ever purchased for learning music
theory. Trust me, I have purchased enough books and have been so disappointed
and failed miserably in my attempt to learn the guitar. Your lessons can't be
measured in dollars but with gratitude and appreciation for your kindness to help
others with practical applications. I can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am
that you would share with others your knowledge, lessons and in a way that is
not overwhelming but within grasp and a sense of reaching our goals of becoming
a well taught guitarist.

Thanks so much.

William Baldock
Knoxville, TN

"Really improved my playing after 2 weeks"
Very fast!! Top stuff! Really improved my playing after 2 weeks
eBayer wollace03

Awesome product - makes it all so simple to understand as a novice
eBayer snowmane68

Don, your books have gotten me further than any other book… so easy
even my daughter of 11 can grasp the concepts

Don, your books have gotten me further than any other book, software and video,
and I have complete bookshelves just for these music easy even my
daughter of 11 can grasp the concepts.

Tom Flitcraft

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Love this book! Not even a week and i've learned so much!!
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This is a GREAT WAY to Learn The Guitar! AWESOME!!!
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A great book for beginners. A++++
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Great book. I will surely buy again.
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Nice book for a beginner like me. Thanks A++
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Another great book! Gives tips and tricks to make you a better guitar
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Tom Flitcraft

Thank You Don For Such A GREAT Guitar Ebook! A+++ Keep Jamming!
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The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note
on Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a Day
$29.99 $19.99

Why Most Guitarists Fail to Learn the Notes

The biggest mistake guitarists make when trying to learn the notes, is making it way
too hard.  Most guitarists overcomplicate it.  It's actually very simple to learn the
fretboard when you know the easy way to do it.

In The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note on the Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a
Day...The Pain-Free Way to Finally Unlock the Fretboard, you'll discover the painless
way to learn the fretboard in just 2 minutes a day.
“Could This Be the Missing Link to Improve Your Guitar
Playing Fast?”

The Critical Window for Guitar Improvement

Did you know the first 5-10 minutes of your playing session sets the upper limits
on what you’ll achieve in your entire playing session?

When you are short on playing time, this crucial 5-10 minute window is even
more important!

But how do most guitarists start their practice sessions?

Guitarists do one of two things.

Most, just pick up their guitar and start playing songs.

Now hang on a second…that’s the reason you decided to play guitar in the first
place isn’t it? So what could possibly be wrong with that?

Well, the problem is that most songs are not designed to properly warm-up your
The EDGE: Power Warm-ups
eBook with mp3 audio
$39.99 $29.99

The Hidden Reason for Slow Improvement on


Have you ever thought about the fact that songs do not use all fingers equally? 

Pick any two songs and count how many times each finger is used.  Do this, and
you’ll find that your fingers are used differently in every song.

This means that depending on the songs you play, one or more of your fingers
may be neglected.

The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer

Having killer guitar chops is what most guitar players dream of.
Imagine picking up your guitar and having TOTAL CONTROL.
You can play anything─and I do mean anything─you want.
How awesome will that feel?

Think of the personal satisfaction you’ll get.

And, not to brag, but won’t it be kinda cool showing off a bit for your friends and

To get the chops (playing skills) you really want, will take some work.  It won’t just
magically happen overnight. 

Yes, when you know how, you can make big improvements in your playing in a single
practice session. But to become a really good player will take some time.

Fortunately, becoming good on guitar doesn’t have to take nearly as long as it used
The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer
eBook with mp3 audio
$32.99 $29.99
The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters
$39.99 $29.99

Over 20 Years in the Making

Over the past 20 years of teaching guitarists just like you, I’ve been constantly researching, experimenting and trying new things.  I’m
always on the lookout for anything that will allow my students to get better and faster results.

In The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters you will discover 7 simple but powerful tweaks that anyone can use to dramatically improve
their guitar playing. 

If you are like most of my students, you’ll notice improvement in your playing the first night you start to use these Performance

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn…

"How to Totally Understand Guitar Theory Super-Fast!"


The Absolute Essentials of Music
Theory for Guitar
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$17.00                $22.99
Guitar Essentials: Scale Master
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$19.99                $19.99

"What if There Was a Fast and Easy Way to Learn the

Guitar Chords You Actually Need to Know?"

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Guitar Essentials: Chord Master
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$17                    $17.99
You Don’t Really Need to Learn Thousands of Chords
I wrote Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition to eliminate the frustration most
guitarists get from spending hours and hours in vain trying to learn guitar chords.

Practice time is precious, so why waste it with ineffective and out-dated practice
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“How to Play Better Guitar, Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible”

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The EDGE: Power Warm-ups
eBook with mp3 audio
$39.99 $29.99
The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar
Lessons Volumes 1 & 2
eBooks with mp3 audio
$59.98 $39.99
The EDGE: How to Learn Every Note
on Guitar in Just 2 Minutes a Day
$29.99 $19.99
The EDGE: Guitar Technique Optimizer
eBook with mp3 audio
$32.99 $29.99
The EDGE: 7 Performance Boosters
$39.99 $29.99
The Absolute Essentials of Music
Theory for Guitar
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$17.00                $22.99
Guitar Essentials: Scale Master
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$19.99                $19.99
Guitar Essentials: Chord Master
eBook                    Soft Cover Edition
$17                    $17.99
Don, I just want to say thank you for writing the Absolute Essentials of
Music Theory for Guitar. This book cuts to the chase and not a bunch of
useless explanations that confuses the crap out of me.

Your book is what I have been looking for and although I have a
good ear for music, theory has always been a nightmare.

At least I have hope for learning what makes the music work.
Thanks again and much appreciated.

William Baldock
Knoxville, TN

Don, your books have gotten me further in music theory than any
other book, software and video, and I have complete bookshelves just for
these music media....You've given me a large appetite for learning music
theory and different ways of learning that are so easy even my daughter
of 11 can grasp the concepts.  Thanks again Don.
Tom Flitcraft

I'm glad to tell you that I can understand the contents in your music theory
book.  It's really amazing how you could write such an easily
understandable book.  It's much easier to understand than those
books written in my own language here in Korea. Thank you very
much for such brilliant books, Don.

Best regards,
Sunhong L.,

Fantastic Book!!! I haven't had time to go through the whole book yet,
but here's what I can say...

I now understand where all the notes on the fretboard are, and they are
taught in such a way that it was easy to understand.  I can now put my
fingers down anywhere on the guitar and know immediately what note I am
playing.  I have learned the patterns to where all the different notes fall on
each string, and it is not confusing at all.   Learning something as simple as
that has helped me understand and make sense of things that were
otherwise very confusing.

I also like the way that the scales have been explained.  Learning what the
major and minor scales are and how to apply them has also helped

This book has taken me to the next level in my ability to play the

The book is fantastic and I can't wait until I get more time to finish it off.

Jeff K., ON, Canada

Great Diagrams. Looking forward to doing the lessons

nancyu936, TX, USA

Great transaction! Great product, fast shipment!

mr.nardo, IA, USA