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Absolute Essentials of Music
Theory for Guitar
"Whether you have little or absolutely no experience in
music theory, I can show you the PROVEN way to
quickly and easily MASTER the guitar theory you MUST

"How to Totally Understand

Guitar Theory Super-Fast!"


Music theory is simply a way of classifying the techniques that have been used by
musicians for hundreds of years.

You Donít Have to Do it On Your Own, You Can Learn
from the Masters
Here are just some of the benefits you'll get as you increase your understanding of
music theory:
Learn Guitar Music Theory Fast - Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar
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Soft Cover Book
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Save countless hours of wasted practice time
Learn songs faster
Unlock the secrets of the fretboard
Learn chords and scales faster
Write your own great songs
Create those killer guitar solos you've always dreamed of
Easily learn songs by ear
With All of These Amazing Benefits, Why Doesn't
Every Guitarist Learn Music Theory?
Up until now, learning music theory could be very time consuming, boring, confusing
and difficult.  Some books present music theory in an intimidating way and show you
absolutely no application to the guitar.

It's no wonder that so many guitarists have tried to learn music theory only to quit
out of sheer frustration.

There are lots of music theory books on the market today, but very few are written
for the guitarist.  Those that are, either have far too little information to be of any
real use for guitarists, or they get really bogged down on the nitty-gritty details.
Don, I just want to say thank you for writing the Absolute Essentials of
Music Theory for Guitar. This book cuts to the chase and not a bunch of
useless explanations that confuses the crap out of me.

Your book is what I have been looking for and although I have a
good ear for music, theory has always been a nightmare.

At least I have hope for learning what makes the music work.
Thanks again and much appreciated.

William Baldock
Knoxville, TN

Don, your books have gotten me further in music theory than any
other book, software and video, and I have complete bookshelves just for
these music media....You've given me a large appetite for learning music
theory and different ways of learning that are so easy even my daughter
of 11 can grasp the concepts.  Thanks again Don.

Tom Flitcraft

I'm glad to tell you that I can understand the contents in your music theory
book.  It's really amazing how you could write such an easily
understandable book.  It's much easier to understand than those
books written in my own language here in Korea. Thank you very
much for such brilliant books, Don.

Best regards,
Sunhong L.,

Fantastic Book!!! I haven't had time to go through the whole book yet,
but here's what I can say...

I now understand where all the notes on the fretboard are, and they are
taught in such a way that it was easy to understand.  I can now put my
fingers down anywhere on the guitar and know immediately what note I am
playing.  I have learned the patterns to where all the different notes fall on
each string, and it is not confusing at all.   Learning something as simple as
that has helped me understand and make sense of things that were
otherwise very confusing.

I also like the way that the scales have been explained.  Learning what the
major and minor scales are and how to apply them has also helped

This book has taken me to the next level in my ability to play the

The book is fantastic and I can't wait until I get more time to finish it off.

Jeff K., ON, Canada

Great Diagrams. Looking forward to doing the lessons

nancyu936, TX, USA

Item just like advertised!

bbyllma515, KY, USA

Fast shipping, good communication, good product. Thanks alot

olkman5401, OK, USA


tunetaylor1, NS, Canada

Great transaction! Great product, fast shipment!

mr.nardo, IA, USA

At Last! A Music Theory Book Written by a Guitarist for the Guitarist.

This is why I wrote the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar.  My goal was to create a book that would:
Dramatically simplify the process of learning music theory
Make it extremely practical for YOU the guitarist
The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar is the distillation of what I have taught guitar students just like you.

I got sick and tired of having to recommend that my students buy this textbook and that one, and that other one, and still
have to give them a stack of handouts to show how to apply the concepts to the guitar.  I wanted to have one source
that would give my students all the beginner and intermediate theory they absolutely needed to know.

I have taught music for 25 years, have taken years of private guitar lessons, earned my degree in music, authored more
than 60 books and reference charts (just do a book search on with the keywords "Don J. MacLean" and you'll
see some of my books), played with too many bands to remember, and taught numerous master classes and workshops.  I
have always been fascinated by how we learn music, so I also completed a degree in psychology and did some graduate
studies in neuroscience as well.  With all of this intensive studying and practicing, I have discovered some little known
secrets that will save you massive amounts of time and give you results you never thought possible
Learn and Use Guitar Theory Fast! Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar

Some Great News

Now you can quickly and easily learn the practical music theory you need to know as a guitarist.  Music theory is only as
good as its application.  In other words, you can learn all kinds theoretical concepts but if you have no idea of how you can use
them, you are just wasting your valuable time.  You must apply each and every theoretical concept to the guitar. 

The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar will give you a PROVEN SYSTEM of step-by-step instructions that show
you exactly how to learn the absolutely critical music theory that every guitarist must know

This book will also show you how to immediately apply everything to the neck of the guitar.  That's right!  There is no
waiting for 6 months or a year before you see how to use the theory-you'll see immediate application.  Once you see the first
application of the concept, you will start to see more and more ways to apply the theory as you play.  Another great benefit is
that this will make it much, much easier to memorize theory.

The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar is 8.5 X 11 (ISBN 1-896595-32-4) and contains 108 pages of critical need
to know information-with absolutely no filler information.

You'll find basic and intermediate level music theory all in one place

The book is clear, easy-to-understand and will answer hundreds of your questions

The Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar will change how you see music theory. Examples are shown in tablature,
neck diagrams and standard notation.

You'll discover how easy it is to understand:
Iíve been playing guitar for 35+ years (as well as bagpipes and
piano) and though Iíve owned and borrowed scores of guitar and
music theory manuals, Iíve never come across one so concise,
organized, and easy-to-understand as yours!

As a teacher myself, your books - along with your excellent
illustrations throughout - will help me make my lessons less
confusing and much more helpful to my students. If ONLY I
had your book when I first picked up a guitar so many years
agoÖ Superlative book.


Brett Gordon
Nashua, NH, USA

It really works!! super neato A++

~~ woodycooks, LA, USA

Very clear and complete book, thanks!

~~ ulymunch, CA, USA

Mega Awesome Guitar Book! Thanx

~~ dawilba, OK, USA

Great book, would deal again

~~ nicknacknoo1, United Kingdom


~~ 727tq, BC, Canada

Awesome product! I recommend this book to all guitar

~~ baretoesinhuron, CA,  USA

Great book, fast shipment, good communication. Thanks, will order

~~ squirreltoes, IN, USA

Great communication, fast shipping, great book,  A+A+A+A+A+A

~~ knapy78, ON, Canada

Great transaction thanks for the great books

~~ sdivin_steve, CA USA

Book is very helpful.

~~ surftilldawn2000, ON, Canada

Great book, quick shipping, excellent communication. A fine seller
indeed A+++

~~ charlie_falcon, MB, Canada

Quick shipping. book looks great

~~ jimregan79, NY, USA

Awesome product & super nice guy!! I will definitely be dealing
with him again!!

~~ bigyellowbike, AB, Canada

Just as promised...looks great. Hope to do business again. A+++

~~ sralder, OR, USA

Very nice purchase. Recommended seller.

~~ audiobuilder211, Spain


~~ cherry_bomb_babies_lv, USA

Great book! Prompt shipping. Great seller!

~~ bigbrun, WI, USA

Nice book with super shipping and service. Thank you.

~~ stuts14, ON, Canada

Nice item, packed well, would do business with again,

~~ rfarmer, TN, USA

As advertised...... good deal, thanks

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Excellent product and Delivery A+++++++

~~ crazedtec2klz, CA, USA

Nice learning tool

~~ breahton, OH, USA
Reading music
The fretboard
Harmonized scales
Here's a chapter-by-chapter breakdown of what you'll get:
Chapter 1 Basics

The Basics of Music Notation
Understanding Sharps and Flats
Enharmonic Equivalents
Understanding Sharps and Flats on
the Guitar

Chapter 2 Scales

The Major Scale
Key Signatures
Minor Scales
Natural Minor Scales
Relative Minor Scales
Harmonic Minor Scales
Melodic Minor Scales
Jazz Minor Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Major Pentatonic
Minor Pentatonic

Chapter 3 Intervals

Interval Classification
Inverting Intervals

Chapter 4 Chords

Chord Symbolization
Triad Inversions
Triad Identification
Basic Chords
Moveable Chords
Major Triads
Minor Triads
Diminished Triads
Augmented Triads
Chapter 5 Harmonized Scales

Diatonic Triads
Solving Triads
Harmonized Major Scales
Chord Progression
Natural Minor Triads
Harmonic Minor Triads
Jazz Minor Triads
Harmonized Natural Minor Scales
Harmonized Harmonic Minor Scales
Harmonized Jazz Minor Scales

Chapter 6 Rhythm

Levels of Rhythmic Activity
Time Values
Note Durations
Rest Durations
Dotted and Tied Notes
First and Second Endings
Time Signatures
Please check what applies to you:
I want to learn more in less time!
I want to learn the basics of music theory.
I don't want to waste time learning theory I can't use.
I want to see EXACTLY how I can apply music theory to the neck of the guitar!
If you checked one or more boxes, then this is the book for you.
Don, Your book is simply the best I have ever purchased for learning
music theory. Trust me, I have purchased enough books and have been
so disappointed and failed miserably in my attempt to learn the guitar.

Your lessons can't be measured in dollars but with gratitude and
appreciation for your kindness to help others with practical applications. I
can't begin to tell you how appreciative I am that you would share with
others your knowledge, lessons and in a way that is not overwhelming
but within grasp and a sense of reaching our goals of becoming a well
taught guitarist.

Thanks so much.

William Baldock
Knoxville, TN

Excellent book it shows everything u need to know to master the
instrument AAAAA

easmnuber1, NJ, USA

This is a great book! Makes learning music theory for guitar easy!
Recommend A+++

thomas1203  NJ, USA
Learn the basics of music theory at your own pace.
Every theoretical concept is applied to the guitar.
Each chapter ends with a short quiz to test your new knowledge. 
Answer key is included!
You don't just read this book you play it!
Get your copy of the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar today and try it out
for 90 days risk-free.  If it doesn't dramatically improve your understanding of music
theory, improve your knowledge of the guitar, or if you decide for whatever reason, that this
book is not right for you, simply return the book in as bought condition for a full refund (less
shipping).  You get to keep all of the bonuses for just giving the Absolute Essentials of Music
Theory for Guitar a try.
When you get your copy of the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar today, you'll also get 5 FREE digital bonuses.
Act Now to Get Your 5 Limited Time FREE Bonuses

($89.87 Value)

15 Mega Memory Secrets Every Guitarist Must
Save hours of practice time when you master these 15 extremely powerful

Use these powerful memory secrets to memorize anything on the guitar!

A $19.97 Value, Yours FREE
15 Mega Memory Secrets Every Guitarist Must Know - How to Remember and Learn Guitar Faster
The "Invisible Box" Method of Understanding
Chord Symbols

The "Invisible Box" Method of Understanding Chord Symbols gives you
the 14 must know keys to read and understand chord symbols.

A $14.97 Value, Yours FREE!
The "Invisible Box" Method of Understanding Chord Symbols
What Key Am I In?

Mystery Solved!

How to quickly and easily know what key your favourite song is in.

When you understand keys, you will learn songs much faster-this special
report shows you how to do it with or without sheet music.

A $14.97 Value, Yours FREE!
What Key Am I In?
Unleashing the Power of Learning Maps
In Unleashing the Power of Learning Maps you'll learn how to create
powerful Learning Maps for the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for
Guitar.  Use this potent visual technique to:

    • learn faster
    • increase understanding

    • see the ďbig pictureĒ

Once you realize how easy it is to use Learning Maps, youíll want to apply
them to learn just about everything!

A $19.97 Value, Yours FREE!
Unleashing the Power of Learning Maps Super-Effective Big Picture Way to Learn Guitar Concepts
Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In
Spite of What You May Have Been Taught

Has this ever happened to you?

You're jamming with a friend and he or she plays a scale that you know
fairly well.  The strange thing is you notice that your friend uses a
completely different fingering than you were taught.

Or, you look up a scale in a few scale books and see that each book shows
totally different scale fingerings for the same scale.

What gives?  Who's right?

In Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In Spite of What You
May Have Been Taught you'll get the answers to these questions and
more, and learn how you can use scale box patterns to fly all over the

A $19.99 Value, Yours FREE!
Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In Spite of What You May Have Been Taught
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Simply click on the Add to Cart button to master the essentials of music theory.
Awesome product! I recommend this book to all guitar

~~ baretoesinhuron, CA, USA

Really Great Book! Explained as clear as can be. Must have!

~~ chan6486, CA, USA

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Music theory has never been easier!

Don J. MacLean

Don J. MacLean is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar---with students using his
methods in more than 50 countries worldwide. Don is the author of over 60 books including The Ultimate Guitar EDGE; The World of
Scales; the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar; How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School:
Confessions of a High School Shredder; 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast; 7 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Chord
Super-Fast; and Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition.

P.S.  What you do for your guitar playing today will determine how great you'll be tomorrow.  You owe it to yourself to turbo-
charge your playing with your mastery of music theory.  Stock is limited, so grab your copy now.

P.P.S. Act now to ensure that you get your 5 free bonuses worth $89.87!
The files are in PDF format, so you can view it on your computer screen, or print
off a hard copy for yourself.  You can also read them on a smart phone like the
iPhone.  The PDF files can also be read on tablets like the iPad.

Download Info

Once your payment is received, your download link will be sent to the email
address you provided during payment.

Works on PCs or Macs.

You will need two pieces of software on your computer to open the ebook and
bonuses. You'll need an extraction program such as WinZip to extract the
download file. Most computers come with this program pre-installed.  If you don't
have it, you can get a free trial version at:

You'll also need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this e-book. You can
download it at:
If you should experience any difficulties with the download just send an email to:
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