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"Imagine Your Guitar Solos Burning

Up and Down the Fretboard With


Introducing the Ultimate Guitar

Scale Encyclopedia That Gives You

Total and Utter Scale Mastery…

If you’re ready to make massive improvements in your guitar playing, you owe it to
yourself to read every word of this page.

From: Don J. MacLean

Tuesday, 1:24 PM

Dear Fellow Guitarist;

You probably already know that you should learn scales.

But have you ever thought about why you should learn scales?
The World of Scales: A
Compendium of Scales for the
Modern Guitar Player
Soft Cover Book
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Scales are the foundation of music.
Chords are built from scales.
Melodies are built from scales.
Guitar solos are built from scales.
Once you know scales, you’ll learn your
favourite songs faster. 
You’ll learn songs easily by just watching
other guitarists.
You'll easily learn songs by ear.
As you master scales, you’ll improve your
And of course with your new scale knowledge, you'll create killer guitar solos of your own.

Do You Write Your Own Songs? Or, Would You Like To?

As an aspiring songwriter you absolutely must master scales.  Without a good understanding of scales it’s like driving a car with the
emergency brakes on-you can move forward but only at a snail’s pace and with way too much effort.  Release the brake on your
creativity by totally mastering scales.

What’s the Best Way to Go About Learning Scales?

The World of Scales: A Compendium of Scales for the Modern Guitar Player is designed to teach you everything you need to
know about scales.  This was my original teaching manual for scales.  So many of my students, their friends, teachers and pro
guitarists wanted their own copies, that I decided to get the book published. 

Everything is shown in tab and big easy-to-
read fretboard diagrams.
A lot of scale books are hard to read visually, but that’s not a problem with The World of Scales-there’s no straining to see the
notes. Each scale diagram is 1 3/4 X 1 3/8 inches.
An excellent resource for guitarists. 
The World of Scales offers a wealth of
interesting sounds…much food for
thought for the improvising guitarist.

John Stowell

Guitar Player Magazine
The World of Scales: A Compendium of Scales for the Modern Guitar Player by Don J MacLean
On pages xviii-xxii you learn exactly how to get the most out of this ultimate
scale book.

Here is a sample of what you’ll get in The World of Scales:
Learn how a simple secret will give you the freedom to use any scale to its full potential. Page xviii
You’ll discover a simple 2-step process to play any scale in any key.  Pages xix-xxii
Discover some surprising secrets of scales.  Page 3
Uncover the most common scale groupings.  Page 3
Learn the formula for the major scale.  Page 4
You’ll learn how to identify any scale. Page 10
Learn the simple way to understand scale formulas.  Page 9
Learn the rule for notating and making sense of 7-note scales.  Page 9
A simple technique makes it easy to understand and remember any scale.  Page 10
Discover 3 ways scales are named. Page 10
You’ll master the basics of intervals.  Pages 5-9
Discover the powerful advantage you have over musicians from 10, 20 or 30 years ago.  Make sure you use this overlooked advantage!  Page xvii
As you turn to page xvii you’ll find out what totally shocked the famous composer Debussy in 1889.
The World of Scales is an incredibly
well thought out book that will
open up the guitar for guitar players
of every level.

Don MacLean has made a great contribution to the
advancement of this fine instrument and no doubt will
continue to do so.

Michael Gillette
Creator of The Recreational Guitarist

The World of Scales is Divided Into Two Parts for Quick and Easy Reference

to Specific Scales or Theoretical Concepts

Section 1

In Section 1 you’ll find everything you need to know to use EVERY scale. Pages 3-50

Section 2

Section 2 contains fingerings for each scale. Pages 51-139
Each scale form is shown on a separate page with as little text as possible.  This means you get an uncluttered view of all
fingerings.  This is prefect for practicing!
For every scale you’ll find:

1.     The most common scale name and its many synonyms.

2.     Easy-to-use formulas to build scales from scratch.

3.     The scale fingerings.

All scale fingerings are moveable. This means you can take one fingering and move it up or down the fretboard to easily produce
any scale.
The black notes in each diagram represent the root notes.  All you have to do is look at the root notes to determine whether you
are playing a C scale or a B flat scale, etc.  The fingering that you are using will tell you whether it’s a C major scale, C minor scale,
B flat minor, etc.  This is a very easy system that will save you massive amounts of time and eliminate frustration.


In The World of Scales, no prior knowledge of music theory is required.  Here you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know
about scales from the ground up.

There are so many cool scales in The World of Scales that you’ll want to review the book every month. 

These scales will inspire your creativity.

What’s in a Name?

There’s a lot of confusion with scale names.  Did you know that Lydian b7, Mixolydian #4, Lydian Dominant, Overtone and
Mode IV Jazz Minor, all refer to the same scale?  What a mess!

No More Confusion

But guess what?  You won’t have to worry about this or be confused by scale names anymore
You’ll discover a very powerful way to learn scales. Once you learn this technique, you’ll understand most if not all of the synonyms for any scale. 
Most importantly, you’ll understand the structure and many uses of all scales! Pages 10-11
By far my favourite guitar
book...and my uncle's too!

I'm very much an amateur guitar player but I would like
you to know that this is by far my favourite guitar

It was recommended to me by my uncle who is an
excellent guitar player a few years ago as his favourite

He said this is the one book every guitar player of all
skill levels should have so I found and bought it from a
local book store.

I focus mainly on the pentatonic minor scale (of course)
but whenever I pick up my guitar I like to flip through and
try out a new scale.  Sadly I don't play nearly as much
anymore but I still have your book beside me and my
acoustic whenever I do pick it up.

My brother-in-law plays more than I do and his favourite
thing is to just pick up his guitar and improvise so I
thought this would be the perfect gift for him.

Thanks very much!

Cam Goodman, Langley, BC Canada

Join the Ranks of Elite Musicians

When you master the contents of The World of Scales, you’ll be part of the group of elite musicians that totally understand

You’ll be able to talk scales with any musician, even those with Ph D’s in music!  In fact I guarantee that you’ll know incredible
stuff about scales that most PhD’s don’t even know.

But talk is cheap.  You’ll also be able to put all of your knowledge to use on the fretboard.  After all that’s what playing the
guitar is all about.  Isn’t it?  You’ll be able to talk the talk and let your fingers walk the walk.
Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?
I have taught music for 25 years, earned my degree in music, authored more than 60 books, played with too many bands to
remember, and taught numerous master classes and workshops.

I have always been fascinated by how we learn music, so I also completed a degree in psychology and did some graduate studies in
neuroscience as well.  With all of this intensive studying and practicing, I have discovered some little known secrets that will
save you massive amounts of time and give you results you never thought possible. 

In other words, I've spent most of my life performing music, studying music and learning the best ways to teach it. I've got
students in more than 50 countries worldwide that are using my courses to advance their playing.

The Big Secret

I’m now going to let you in on a big secret.  If you’ve been playing for a few months or more, you’ve probably heard about those
ridiculously complicated sounding things called the modes.  I call them “ridiculously complicated sounding things” simply because…

Most books and teachers make these scales RIDICULOUSLY more complicated than they have to be.

The Modes Demystified

The modes are one of the most important areas that every guitarist must know.  Unless of course you don’t want to learn songs
faster, and create absolutely killer guitar solos and songs of your own.

This absolutely crucial area is the most misunderstood area of music.  Most teachers make learning the modes way more
complicated than it needs to be.

At Last! A Simple Solution to Understanding the Modes

In The World of Scales you’ll discover the simple way to learn and understand the modes.  Pages 12-13
You’ll learn the inner workings of the modes.  Pages 12-13
Totally blow the lid off the psychological aspects of the modes.  Page 12
Discover melodic tendencies and the resolutions of notes.  Page 12
Master the modes from the major scale. Page 13
Learn how to modalize any scale.  Page 12
Uncover the modes from harmonic and melodic/jazz minor.  Pages 14-18

The Ultimate Rut Buster, or 29 Great Ways to Practice Any Guitar Scale

In chapter 2 you’ll learn the 4 most popular ways to practice guitar scales.  Page 19

Next you get to the really juicy stuff about practicing guitar scales:
You’ll totally transform how you practice guitar scales once you start using digital patterns.  If you don’t know what digital patterns are, you’ll be surprised at how simple they are to apply and how vital they’ll become to your playing.  Page 20
You’ll learn 7 digital patterns and discover how to create your own. Page 20
Discover a little-known secret that will show you how to create 100’s of very cool melodic patterns.  This is something you won’t find in any other book! 
Every musician I have shown this to is totally blown away.  These are very, very powerful ways to practice guitar scales. 
You’ll find 18 examples here and learn how to create 100’s your own.  Pages 21-25

What About Chords?

The World of Scales is obviously an extensive book on scales.  But for you to totally understand how to use guitar scales, you need
to understand chords.
In The World of Scales you’ll learn the 4-step formula to build any chord.  Page 27
Flip to page 29 and you’ll learn how to build triads.  This means you will learn how to construct major, minor, diminished, augmented, sus 2, sus 4 and flat 5 chords.
On pages 29-30 you’ll learn how to build any four-part chord.  You’ll learn the 18 different types of four part chords (these are your 7th and 6th chords like major 7th, dominant 7th, major 6th, etc.).
You’ll discover how to build all the 9th, 11th and 13th chords!  Pages 30-33
Mystery solved!  Since you’ll understand how chords are built, there will be no more mystery to chord symbols.
A powerful yet simple approach to chord-scale relationships shows you how to determine the chords that can be used with each scale. Page 33

Little Things Can Make All the Difference

Discover some powerful little-known “little” guitar scales.  These scales have limitless application and boy do they ever sound cool!
These little scales are easy-to-apply and really add spice to your playing.  Pages 35-36

The Power of Five: The World of Pentatonic Scales

When you hear the word “pentatonic” you probably think of the very popular five-note major and minor pentatonic scales.  These
scales have very wide application, but you should also know that there is a world beyond these pentatonic scales.
You’ll learn 16 different types of pentatonic guitar scales.  Pages 37-40
Also, you’ll discover how you can create your own pentatonic guitar scales.  This will lead to some very cool and original sounds!  Page 40

5+1 or 7-1=?

Six-note (hexatonic) scales have a very unique sound.  I’m sure you already play at least one of these scales.  There are 6 other
common hexatonic scales.  Do you know what they are?  You’ll find out on page 41.  You’ll also discover how to create your own
hexatonic scales.

“But wait a minute…with all of this technical sounding stuff, it sounds like

this could be a very complicated guitar scale book”

You’re right.  This could be a very dry, complicated and confusing book, but trust me, it’s not.  This book was first published in 1996. 
It’s now in its 9th printing and I am continuously getting letters and emails from satisfied readers. Guitar students love it, guitar
teachers love it, and the pros love it. 

The bottom line is, when I wrote this book I wanted it to be the most comprehensive examination of guitar scales available.  I also
wanted it to be extremely user-friendly.

I set the book up so you can work your way through it on your own.  You can work at your own pace-you won’t need a teacher to
walk you through this book.

Yes there is a ton of information in this book.  When you get your hands on The World of Scales you’ll get:
The theory behind guitar scales.
98 pentatonic (five-note) scale fingerings.
30 hexatonic (six-note) scale fingerings.
324 heptatonic (seven-note) scale fingerings.
60 miscellaneous scale fingerings.
This gives you a total of 512 scale fingerings.
Since you’ll learn how each fingering can be easily transposed to any of the 12 keys, The World of Scales gives you 6144 guitar scales.  If you include the enharmonic equivalent keys you get a total of 7680 guitar scales!
But all this theory won’t do you any good if can’t see how to apply it to the fretboard-this is why everything is applied to the fretboard. 
The World of Scales will give you information that you’ll be able to work on and return to for many, many years.
You'll See Immediate Results

The great thing about this book is that you don’t have to work through the entire book to see results.   Just read through the first
chapter and I guarantee that scales will make total sense to you.

Don’t worry about information overload, on pages xviii-xxii you learn exactly how to get the most out of this ultimate scale book. 

“Ok, So What Else is Covered in This Book?”

Chapter 7 examines the 7-note (heptatonic) scales that are among the most common used in the West.  You’ll learn:
Harmonic Minor
Melodic Minor/Jazz Minor
You will also learn the related modes of each of these scales.  Pages 41-46

The Erotic, Oops I Mean Exotic Scales, or Do I?

You’ll learn the “exotic” scales from countries such as India, Indonesia, Greece, Spain and much more!  Pages 46-48

Some of these scales create some totally amazing sounds.  In fact some of these scales will “turn on” your creativity and playing.

Figure Eight

In chapter 8 you’ll learn the 8-note (octatonic) scales.  Here you’ll learn whole-half diminished, half-whole diminished, Arabian,
Ichikotsucho and the bebop scales.  Some very cool sounds here!

Just In Case You Need to Know More About The World of Scales…

Here are the guitar scales you’ll find fingerings for in section two:
The Scale Forms
Pentatonic Scale Forms              

Anhemitonic Pentatonic Scales                                                 

            Major Pentatonic Mode I (Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 1, Mongolian)

Sus 4 Pentatonic (Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 2, Egyptian, Mode ii Major Pentatonic)

            Major Pentatonic Mode iii (Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 3)                         

            Major Pentatonic Mode IV (Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 4)                         

            Minor Pentatonic (Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 5, Major Pentatonic Mode V)

Hemitonic Pentatonic Scales                                                 

            Chinese Pentatonic scale No. 6 (Mode ii Miyako-bushi)  

            Miyako-bushi (Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 1, Kumoi-Joshi)

            Hirajoshi (Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 2, Mode iii Miyako-bushi)

            Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 3 (Mode IV Kumoi)

            Iwato (Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 4 , Mode IV Miyako-bushi )  

            In (Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 5)

            Yo (Japanese Pentatonic scale No. 6)

            Pélog (Indonesian Pentatonic scale No.1)

            Indonesian Pentatonic scale No. 2      

            Indonesian Pentatonic scale No. 3      

            Kumoi (Hawaiian scale)

Hexatonic Scale Forms              

Augmented scale mode I (sixtone Symmetrical)

Augmented scale mode ii (sixtone Symmetrical)   


Prometheus Neapolitan



Sus 4

Heptatonic Scale Forms 

Diatonic Modes                                                                         

            Mode I             Ionian

            Mode I             Ionian (Three Notes Per String Fingerings)

            Mode ii             Dorian 

            Mode iii            Phrygian

            Mode IV           Lydian 

            Mode V            Mixolydian

            Mode vi            Aeolian (Minor Scale)               

            Mode vi            Aeolian (Three Notes Per String Fingerings)      

            Mode vii           Locrian

Harmonic Minor Modes                                                             

            Mode I            Harmonic Minor

            Mode I            Harmonic Minor (Three Notes Per String Fingerings)

            Mode ii            Locrian Natural 6 (Tarz-nwin)               

Mode iii           Ionian Augmented

            Mode IV           Dorian #4 (Nikris, Rumanian Minor)

            Mode V            Mixolydian b9 b13 (Hejaz, Phrygian Major, Spanish, Gypsy)

            Mode vi            Lydian #9 (Musta-ar)

            Mode vii           Altered Dominant bb7

Jazz Minor Modes                                                                         

            Mode I            Jazz Minor (Real Melodic Minor)

            Mode I            Jazz Minor (Three Notes Per String Fingerings)

            Mode ii            Dorian b2 (Javanese)

            Mode iii           Lydian  Augmented

            Mode IV          Lydian b7 (Overtone scale, Mixolydian#4, Lydian Dominant)                   

            Mode V           Mixolydian b13 (Mixolydian b6 Hindustan, Hindu)

            Mode vi           Locrian Natural 9 (Locrian #9, Locrian Natural 2, Locrian Natural 9)        

            Mode vii          Altered Dominant (Super Locrian)

Hejaz-Kar  (Byzantine, Double Harmonic, Gypsy)




Hungarian Major (Hungarian)     

Hungarian Gypsy No.1  (Hungarian Minor, Mode IV Hejaz-Kar)

Hungarian Gypsy  No.2     

Harmonic Major (Suzinak)

Spanish Dominant (Mode iii Harmonic Major)

Smyrneiko (Mode IV Harmonic Major)

Mixolydian b9 (Mode V Harmonic Major)


Major Locrian (Arabian)

Lydian Minor (Mode vii Major Locrian)

Leading Whole-tone (Mode V Major Locrian)

Persian (Mode V Todi)

Oriental No.1 (Mode ii Hungarian Gypsy No. 2)

Oriental No.2 (Mode V Hejaz-Kar)    

Neapolitan Major (Mode IV Major Locrian)

Neapolitan Minor (Harmonic Phrygian, Mode V Hungarian Gypsy No. 2)   

Composite Blues

Miscellaneous Scale Forms

Octatonic Scales Forms

Half-whole Diminished

Whole-half Diminished


Japanese (Ichikotsucho)

The Bebop Scales                 

            Major Bebop

            Dorian Bebop

            Mixolydian Bebop No.1

            Mixolydian Bebop No.2

The Chromatic Scale

Total Guitar Scale Mastery

As you can see, it’s all here!  I guarantee you’ll totally blow away your friends with your new mastery of guitar scales on two levels:

1.      Your knowledge and total understanding of the theory behind scales.

2.      Your application and understanding of scales on to the fretboard.

The World of Scales is 165 pages and 8.5 X 11.

Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get when you get your hands on The World of Scales:
You’ll get everything you need to know to totally understand guitar scales.
Understand the mechanics behind guitar scales and how to use them.
You get 98 pentatonic scale fingerings.
30 hexatonic scale fingerings.
324 heptatonic scale fingerings.
60 miscellaneous scale fingerings.
This gives you a total of 512 scale fingerings.
Since you’ll learn how each fingering can be easily transposed to any of the 12 keys, The World of Scales gives you 6144 guitar scales. If you include the enharmonic equivalent keys you get a total of 7680 guitar scales!
In addition to these guitar scales you’ll also get 29 tetratonic (four-note) scales and 16 hybrid pentatonic scale ideas.
Here you’ll find answers to all of your questions.
Everything you need to know about guitar scales is all in one place.
Learn at your own pace. 
Covers every detail of guitar scales.

You could spend $1000’s of dollars on guitar lessons trying to get this crucial information!
100% tested and proven.
This is the most thorough and complete scale book ever!
It’s your personal blueprint to scale mastery.
Discover tips, tricks and must-know information you won’t find anywhere else.
Unleash your creativity!

What You Don’t Know About Guitar Scales Will Hurt You!

When you don’t know scales, it’s like fumbling around in the dark rooms of a mansion.  With scale mastery, you get to turn on the
lights and see what you’ve been missing all this time.
The "Scale Bible"

This is the best (and most used) reference book I have. The large
diagrams make learning scales very easy, and with this many scales you
need it to be easy. Everything from simple pentatonic to the obscure is
covered. Nice job!

Ken Camilleri, Toronto On, Canada

Good communication, excellent book, good ebayer thanks ;)

eBayer soldavox

Nice Product. Fast & Well Packaged Shipment. Highly Recommended!
A+++ Thanx!

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Isn’t it time to learn songs faster, improve your technique, improvisation,

composition and totally master guitar scales?


Get your copy of The World of Scales today and try it out for 90 days.  If it doesn't
dramatically improve your understanding of guitar scales, improve your knowledge of the
guitar, or if you decide for whatever reason, that this book is not right for you, simply return
the book in as bought condition for a full refund (less shipping).  You get to keep the bonuses
for just giving The World of Scales a try!
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No More Guitar Scale Confusion - Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In Spite of What You May Have Been Taught
Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In
Spite of What You May Have Been Taught

Has this ever happened to you?

You're jamming with a friend and he or she plays a scale that you know
fairly well.  The strange thing is you notice that your friend uses a
completely different fingering than you were taught.

Or, you look up a scale in a few scale books and see that each book shows
totally different scale fingerings for the same scale.

What gives?  Who's right?

In Making Sense of Guitar Scale Box Patterns In Spite of What You
May Have Been Taught you'll get the answers to these questions and
more, and learn how you can use scale box patterns to fly all over the

A $19.99 Value, Yours FREE!
The total value of this package in dollars is $80.88, but in terms of what it will do for your playing…it’s priceless.

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Scales: A Compendium of Scales for the
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My son recently ordered The World of Scales
and loves it!

Mary Erdman
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Mastering guitar scales has never been easier!

Don J. MacLean

Don J. MacLean is one of the world's leading authorities on accelerated learning systems for guitar---with students using his
methods in more than 50 countries worldwide. Don is the author of over 60 books including The Ultimate Guitar EDGE; The World of
Scales; the Absolute Essentials of Music Theory for Guitar; How I Got Killer Guitar Chops While I Was Still in High School:
Confessions of a High School Shredder; 21 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Song Super-Fast; 7 Secrets to Learn any Guitar Chord
Super-Fast; and Guitar Essentials: Chord Master Expanded Edition.

P.S.  What you do for your guitar playing today will determine how great you'll be tomorrow.  Act now to get your copy of The
World of Scales plus $54.93 worth of bonuses.  You owe it to yourself to turbo-charge your playing with your mastery of guitar
scales.  Simply click on the Add to Cart button to master guitar scales now.

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iPhone.  The PDF files can also be read on tablets like the iPad.
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Works on PCs or Macs.

You will need two pieces of software on your computer to open the ebook and
bonuses. You'll need an extraction program such as WinZip to extract the
download file. Most computers come with this program pre-installed.  If you don't
have it, you can get a free trial version at:

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