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Your Next 3 Guitar Chords: E minor, A minor and B7

In today’s tutorial, we will look at how to play E minor, A minor and B7 chords.

First, let’s look at the chord fingerings…
Remember that your fret-hand fingers are numbered as follows:
The “X” symbol means that you don’t play the indicated string.  The “O” represents an open string.  This is a string that is played
with no fingers on it.

Now let’s apply these chords to a strumming pattern.
You should find the E min and A min chords fairly easy.  The fingering for B7 can be a bit tricky, so be sure to spend some time just
placing your fingers on the appropriate notes for the chord.  The strumming pattern for this chord progression involves a combination
of up-strokes and down-strokes and uses quarter and eighth notes.  Listen to the audio track to hear how the rhythm is to be
This lesson is excerpted from The EDGE: CORE Beginner Guitar Lessons Volume 1.
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