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Music Essentials: Improviser

Music Essentials: Improviser
Laminated Reference Chart
4 pages
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"The Ultimate Improvisation Cheat Sheet:

Learn How Scales Work with Chords"

Guitar Essentials: Improviser gives the intermediate to advanced musician the
tools to improvise over chords.

Easy to Use

Start with a scale and view the chords that can be used, or select a chord and
view its scale options.

Covers all the scales you need to play any style of music.

Reading music is not required! Scales are shown with letter-names, and
in treble and bass clefs.

Includes tips for improvising.

Unlocks Chord-Scale Relationships!

It's the quickest and easiest way to look up any chord---from basic
major and minor to advanced 13th chords---and see your scale

The Improviser is the first chart to give intermediate to advanced musicians easy
access to chord-scale relationships and is the perfect companion to "The World of
Scales: A Compendium of Scales for all Instruments".
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Add a New Dimension to Your Playing
Get your copy of Music Essentials: Improviser today and try it out for 90 days
If it doesn't improve your understanding of chord-scale relationships, or if you
decide for whatever reason, that this laminated reference chart is not right for
you, simply return it in as bought condition for a full refund (less shipping).
Music Essentials: Improviser
Laminated Reference Chart
4 pages
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